Why Real Christmas Trees Are the Best

We are coming up to that wonderful time of year where the Christmas decorations are coming out and after a tough year, the Christmas spirit is one we all are probably looking forward to. This is also the best time to organise to get your Christmas tree up and most likely the debate over whether to get a real or artificial Christmas tree has probably come up. While there are benefits to having an artificial tree, there is nothing quite like having a real Christmas tree. The smell of the pine wafting through the home and just the overall look of a real tree cannot be beaten. The best thing though, is despite what some people believe, having a real tree is actually better for the environment. The majority of real trees are sourced and farmed sustainably, which means that cutting them down is not as harmful to the environment as people believe. When one tree is cut, another one is planted in its place. Growing the trees benefits the air and the surrounding environment as well, so compared to the pollution that comes with the manufacturing of artificial trees, it is a more sustainable option. Once you are finished with your tree, you are able to recycle it as well, thus giving back to the earth. Artificial trees while they may be reused for years, eventually they will need to be replaced thus creating more pollution when they are disposed of. That is why when you are doing your Christmas shop for decorations and other items, consider getting a real tree this year.

Stands and Tree Care

If you have decided to get a real Christmas tree this year, then one of the things you will be needing is a stand to properly look after the tree. When you are looking at doing your Christmas shop for decorations, make sure that you also include a stand along with products to help preserve and look after your tree. That way you will get best use out of it before you recycle it responsibly at the end of the Christmas season. At Real Christmas Trees, we have a range of different stands, so depending on the size of your tree, you will be able to keep it sturdy and safe to enjoy. The stands not only make it easier to erect the tree, they also have an in-built water reservoir to keep the trees looking fresh for longer. Coming with a ten-year guarantee, the only thing you will have to worry about is sourcing your fresh tree for years to come. At Real Christmas Trees we also have in stock a Christmas tree preservative which will help extend the life of the tree, especially for the smaller trees. Along with the rest of our Christmas decorations, at our Christmas shop we have everything you need to bring the magic of Christmas to your tree and your home.

Wreaths, Garland and Foliage

Just as Christmas trees are an important part of Christmas decorations, there is not much more iconic than having a Christmas wreath. A great way to add that extra decoration to the front door or around the home, especially if you are not able to have a proper Christmas tree in the home, there is just something about wreaths that really capture the festivities. Foliage and garlands are also beautiful decorations that add that extra Christmas spirit into the home, transforming into a festive space. Whether you want to dress up the place for Christmas lunch or help kick off the season with all the best Christmas decorations, adding extra touches like wreaths, garlands and foliage to your mantels, doors and other areas around the home will make just that little more special from the moment you get to the front door. Our range at Real Christmas Trees means that you will find the perfect additions to suit the theme of your Christmas decorations. With native Australian themed wreaths, to different colour garlands and other foliage themed additions to use as decorations, the perfect fit for your home is out there. If you are looking for a one-stop Christmas shop for decorations this year, then check out our online store.

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