Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of trees are the Real Christmas Trees?

Real Christmas Trees sell Monterey Pines. The Monterey Pine is native to central California, but is the world’s most commonly farmed pine tree. Our trees are grown in Victoria then brought up to Brisbane to be enjoyed by you.

2. How long does a Real Christmas Tree last?

Our Christmas Trees are at their best for three weeks. Once cut, the trees should be kept in a stand in water. 

3. How fresh are the trees?

The trees are cut at the farm and shipped to us straight away. From November 25 until Christmas we receive three deliveries a week so your tree is always as fresh as possible. 

4. How do I get the most out of my Real Christmas Tree?

In order to get the most out of your Real Christmas Tree, keep it in water and in a nice cool spot in your house. Our Christmas tree stands are specially designed to hold your tree steady and supply a well for the water.

For further longevity we offer the Stay Green spray, which will stop any moisture from escaping the tree’s leaves; this is especially important in air-conditioned environments. 
The spray is non-toxic and should be applied liberally when you first get your tree home.

5. Do the trees drop needles?

Unlike some pine trees, our trees drop a minimal amount of needles. There will always be a certain amount the trees shed however this can be minimised by keeping the tree well hydrated and making sure the water in your stand is topped up. When we receive the trees, approximately 1cm is cut from the bottom of the tree which opens up the pores; the tree is then placed in water. This ensures you get the tree in the best possible condition. This process should be repeated just before you erect the tree to help it absorb more water and keep it fresher for longer.

6. I live outside Brisbane and my suburb is not listed in the delivery zones; can I still get a Real Christmas Tree?

Unfortunately we cannot deliver to post codes that are not listed on our website. 

Past customers have organized couriers to pick up and deliver their tree; if you choose to organize this option for yourself, please ensure that the courier service has your order number.