Tips for getting the best out of your fairy lights

Fairy lights can turn a regular space into a magical, relaxing space. Well, only if you place them or use them in a tasteful manner. There's a thin line between overdoing fairy lights and getting them just right. And to get them right, you need to know what to do.

Unfortunately not all of us can be interior decorators or have an eye for good decor. But, that's no longer a reason to worry because there are some tips that you can use to get it right. Here are some simple tips that you can use to transform your space using fairy lights.

Set the lights to be still

There's something about lights going on and off that gives a party-like vibe. If you're going for bedroom fairy lights for instance these might be stressful to the eye. Instead of creating a relaxed ambience, blinking lights might excite the eyes. While it's ok to go for blinking fairy lights, you should also be keen on the end result that you want. Fairy lights on the still setting are calming too and you should take advantage.

Keep it consistent

If you're using different lines of lights it helps to keep it consistent. Consistency here is in the sense of size of lights as well as colour. If you have a mix of small and big lights it might become a messy mash of shapes. This can be disturbing to the eye sometimes and that's the last thing you want in fairy lights. You may hardly notice but the human eye looks for patterns nearly everywhere. If something is out of pattern, trust your eye will catch it and your mind to wonder about it.

Go for warm white lights

Nothing creates a great ambience than warm white lights. There are many variations of fairy lights. Some come in cold white light that can be quite harsh on the eyes. Cold white light is great for functional lighting. But when it comes to bedroom fairy lights for example, you want lights that make it easier to relax. This is what warm white lights can do.

There's a reason why people dim the main lights in a room and light up candles to create a relaxed air. This is the same effect that warm white lights can get you.

If unsure, keep it simple

As earlier stated, we all don't have an eye for decor. So if you're unsure of what to do with your fairy lights you should keep it simple. Simple here means keep the layers minimal, at least three strands at a time. You can also draw inspiration from Pinterest boards and see how you can hang your fairy lights. Remember what they say, less is more. You can still create magic without doing too much.

Where to get fairy lights

You can find fairy lights in almost any Christmas shop today. A quick search for a 'Christmas shop near me' should help you find the best store. At Real Christmas Trees we have a bunch of fairy lights that you can choose from. From festoon lights to solar LED lights; the options are endless. Choose from our wide catalogue here and we'll deliver on time.

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