Three Tips On How To Decorate Your Office This Holiday Season

Date Posted:14 March 2022 

Christmas shopping can be expensive and stressful; here are three easy ways to decorate your workplace for the holiday season without breaking the bank.


Hurray! The holidays are here again! And the whole atmosphere is abuzz with excitement! Businesses have begun to wind down their activities as the year ends. Christmas shops around you are opening their doors! However, the Christmas fever is not only meant for you and your home! Who's to say you can't get in the festive spirit while in the office?


In today's article, we will look at the various ways you can decorate your office for the Christmas holidays. So finish up that report, grab a mug of coffee, and settle in for a gleeful read! Let's go!


  1. Play With Colourful Themes

There are many holiday themes you can adopt for your office's Christmas decor! You can pick a consistent color theme for every office in the building, or you can select different decor ideas for the various offices and blend them with a central theme. Whatever your choice, the fact remains that there are a lot of decor designs to choose from! Let's look at some of the more popular festive themes you could rock in the office!

  • The Classic Christmas Green, Gold & Red Colour Theme

Christmas and the color "green" go hand in hand. Christmas trees are green! Wreaths and garlands are green! And there are many ways you can incorporate this colour theme into your office. Setting up a giant green Christmas tree in a conspicuous office area is a great way to play with the color green. Think of the reception area! 


The gold and red trimmings of the various tree decorations on the tree would certainly make the space more colorful and lively! And if you're wondering where to get your Christmas tree decor from, we are just a call away. Of the many Christmas shops in Brisbane, Real Christmas Trees has got you completely covered.


  • Welcome To Tinsel Square!

If your office is built like a town square, it may pose a bit of a challenge to your decorating efforts. Tinsel is the way to go if you plan to decorate a spacious office area with a constant Christmas theme! Mix up your Tinsel colours! 


You can design one room with a particular shade of Tinsel and blend that colour into another shade when decorating the next room. Spice up the look of your Christmas tree with Tinsel. You can combine two or more different Tinsel-coloured decorations on one tree. Or a particular colour per tree, if you have lots of space to accommodate many Christmas trees.


The great thing about Tinsel is its versatility. You can incorporate it into any decoration style and enhance the overall beauty of your office decoration!


  • Snow White Christmas Theme

You can use snow-white-colored themes for your office decor. Enrich your designs with sprinkles of other eye-catching colours like gold, red and yellow! Imagine deploying this theme in an office corner setting! You'd certainly be creating a loud statement with a white winter Christmas decoration at the corner of your conference hall. Or a corner of your reception area. Or even at the entrance of the CEO's office!


Opt for an all-white Christmas tree that can comfortably fit into your office lounge or reception area! Of course, we know that trees are green in colour! So to pull off an all-white Christmas tree, all you have to do is decorate it with tons of white ornaments! Dress up the tree with white and silver ornament balls. Make the tree skirt out of white cotton batting! You can even go as far as painting parts of the tree white - like the leaf tips - to mimic snowfall! 


  1. Line The Hall With Christmas Trees

There's no rule against using as many Christmas trees as you want in your Christmas decorations. If you have ample office space, it's most likely a good idea to use more than one Christmas tree! If your office has huge hallways or additional reception areas, you can tweak your Christmas trees to have the same colour scheme throughout.


What's more, you can design your trees so that they complement whatever colour theme you choose to run your office decorations in.

For instance, you can use various decorations for each tree while maintaining the same colour scheme if you're designing the office in red and gold decor. Play with colours. One tree can have all red fairy lights. Another can have a mixture of gold and green lights. At the same time, one could be a blend of all three colors - gold, green, and red. Getting these multicolored lights is as easy as walking into a Christmas shop near you and ordering some!


  1. Crown Your Office Space With Wreaths & Garlands

What Christmas decor is complete without wreaths or garlands? Spruce up the look of your office space with artfully designed wreaths and garlands. 


You can pin a wreath on the wall behind the main reception desk. Or you could hang them on the central pillars of the third-floor offices. Or even still, decorate the edges of your conference room windows with wreaths and garlands! You can take it further and place a large wreath underneath the company logo outside the building! Talk about making a bold statement for all to see!


Of course, if you want that magical atmosphere of stepping into a fairy tale, incorporate Christmas lights into your decorations! You can light up the whole office area with strings of Christmas fairy lights artfully and strategically placed all around! Let your staff, colleagues, and clients step into the office on a Monday morning and instantly feel like they're walking underneath the stars!


Harness your creative genius and create a festive atmosphere in the office - even if nobody wants to do it! 


And if you're uncertain of where to get the ornamentals and decorations you need to bring your ideas to life, reach out to us today at Real Christmas Trees.


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