8 Creative Ways to Light Up Your Home Using Fairy Lights

Date Posted:5 January 2022 

Looking for an affordable way to decorate your home? Try fairy lights.


Like us, you’re probably on the lookout for new and affordable ideas to spruce up the overall look and feel of your home. Not everybody has the budget to make major changes when they feel like it. 


In times like these, you can make small decorative changes using items as humble as fairy lights to change the look of a corner or a room in your home. 


Here are some creative yet easy to accomplish ways in which you can use fairy lights to decorate or re-decorate your home: 

  1. Create a Glowing Fake Fireplace 

Having a real fire burning can look pretty awesome. It can add a warm and beautiful glow to a room. But having one burning can be quite problematic at times. 


Maybe you don’t have a flue and need one installed, which is expensive. Or you have pets and young children in the house and run a risk of them getting hurt. 


No worries, you can still achieve that glow in a room with a cluster of fairy lights. They look just as gorgeous and aren’t nearly as expensive. 

  1.  Light Up a Piece of Furniture 

Have a gorgeous table or cupboard that can do with a little more decoration to make it the star of the room? 


Wrap a few strings of fairy lights around it and see it stand out from the rest of the room. 


  1. Highlight a Plain Corner 

Have a plain corner in the living room that could do with some lighting up? Hang some fairy lights in the corner and a statement vase with some fake plants to make it the highlight of your living room. 


  1. Decorate Your Bed’s Headboard

You can take a string of fairy lights and place them around your bed’s headboard for a dramatic effect. This will make your bed the main feature of the room. And, it looks pretty dreamy with the lights off. 


  1. Bring More Character to the Kids Room 

Children love lights. Adding fairy lights here and there can not only get them excited but also act as a night light for them. 


You can wrap these around higher shelves for small kids’ rooms and for bigger kids, they can be placed at lower surfaces like the bed’s headboard as well. 


  1. Hang Lights From the Ceiling 

Here’s a great and easy party decoration tip for you. Hang strings of fairy lights from the ceiling to instantly spruce up the entrance or the main party area. 


It will also add some much needed extra illumination for the party venue. 


  1. Add Lights to a Jar 

Have an old vase or a jar that doesn’t do the trick anymore? No problem. Just pop a few strings of lights in it and watch it become entirely different. 


It can become the main feature of a dining table or a centre table in any room. 

  1. Decorate the stairs

Why should the stairs look plain and boring? Take a string of fairy lights and wind them up the staircase. Wouldn’t be nice to walk up to the bedroom at night and feel like you’re in a magical forest being lit up by fairies? 


Fairy lights are super affordable and extremely versatile. You can use a few strings around the house and achieve a re-decoration of your favourite spaces. 


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