Dos and don'ts for fairy light decorations

Good lighting can switch up any space from regular to amazing. And it's not only the usual functional lights that every room needs for visibility. Adding other light fixtures can help you improve the ambience and aesthetic of the room. This is why there's a huge market for different types of lights.

One of the most common types of lights that you can use for your d├ęcor is fairy lights. Fairy lights are so versatile that you can literally put them anywhere. These lights are easy to use and are available in many Christmas shops in Brisbane.

But, it's not enough to get fairy lights and hang them somewhere. To achieve the best effect, you'll need to follow some dos and don'ts when it comes to using fairy lights. Here are some of them.

Do look for quality over price

When it comes to fairy lights, you should only consider high quality because poor quality lights can pose a fire hazard thanks to poor wiring. You want fairy lights whose wire casing won't fray and expose wires.

Such an event can throw a wrench in your plans. To be safe, buy your fairy lights from a reputable Christmas shop in Australia.

Don't use tacks or nails to hang them

Pin tacks and nails can damage the wire casing and expose the naked wires. This will increase the chances of a fire accident around your home. The tacks and nails also tend to leave holes in the wall making it unappealing to the eye.

Do store your fairy lights correctly

Fairy lights are not items that you should be buying often, at least not if you store them well. If you have fairy lights that you only hang over the holidays, it is important to store them well. This will prevent the lights from tangling or the wires from breaking and needing replacement.

To ensure this doesn't happen, you should store them in the package they come with. You can also wrap them around an object such as a piece of wood or cardboard.

Don't layer too many wires

When it comes to fairy lights you should consider employing the three-piece rule. This is where you only layer at most three strands of fairy lights. This will prevent the fairy lights from shorting out quickly.

Do buy energy-saving lights

Fairy lights come in many varieties. Among these varieties are solar LED lights which may cost a little more. But solar LED lights are more durable and will last a lot longer. These lights also use less energy than their incandescent counterparts.

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