Beautiful ways to use Fairy Lights

When you think of fairies in kids movies with their glowing wings and tiny wands I bet it warms your heart and creates a magical atmosphere in your head. Now, that’s the exact same vibe you get from fairy lights.


Fairy Lights are known for the glowing, shiny, and sparkly ambience they create. They add a pop of light and life to any setting. And nothing is more beautiful than the sight of fairy lights shining and twinkling after dusk.


These tiny fairies in a bulb are not just for Christmas decorations and Christmas trees alone. They can also be used in a thousand and one ways to make your surroundings lovely and warm. We have some tips for you below, feel free to read along.

10 Wonderful Ways to Create Magic With Fairy Lights

Here are a few creative ways that you can light up your rooms, house or surroundings with fairy lights.


  1. Light up a staircase: tack the fairy lights to the sides, or steps on the staircase to illuminate the staircase when it's dark. This not only provides lighting but also looks beautiful in the dark.


  1. Create a fake fireplace: You can use the fairy lights on the base of the fireplace to create an artificial fire. This can be done during summer or autumn to cover up for the empty fireplace.


  1. Decorate a blank wall: Fairy lights can be used to decorate a blank wall or space in the room. Drape strands of lights across the wall or use curtain lights as an alternative to wall art. You can even use pegs to attach photos or small artworks to the wire.


  1. Design a headboard: you can use fairy lights in the bedroom to light up your headboard. Attach them to the top of the headboard or wind them around a metal bed frame to create a soft ambience.


  1. Outline a motif: use fairy lights to outline the edges of a motif in the room. Try wrapping them around a metal star or heart for an instant wall feature, inside or out..


  1. DIY Chandelier: Use heavy gauge wire to form a large circle, wrap up the sides with pieces of white fabric and tie it up at the ceiling or roof of the room, then string beautiful fairy lights around it to form a chandelier.


  1. Light Jars: Fill clear jars with fairy lights or tiny festoon lights, cover the rims with flowers and hang them on the wall or tuck them around plants to form beautiful light features.


  1. Lighted Words: You can also use rope lights to spell out inspirational words. Use pins to outline the word and then drape the rope light along them. Great on the wall of kid’s bedrooms or anywhere at all.


  1. DIY Lantern: Fill up a glass lantern with fairy lights or bedroom fairy lights and watch your room glow up at night.


  1. Outdoor Decor: Use outdoor fairy lights to decorate gazebos, furniture, swings, etc. Wrap them around tree trunks or suspend them from overhanging foliage. Perfect for a summer barbecue.



Finally, now that you know these fun and creative ways to make magic with fairy lights, head on to Real Christmas Trees, your go-to Christmas shop in Brisbane to shop your favourite fairy lights and start lighting up your world.

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