5 Christmas Tree Lighting Tips That Will Make The Job Easier For You

Christmas trees are the centrepiece of every home. People love to decorate Christmas trees around Christmas time. However, one thing that really makes a Christmas tree stand out is attractive lighting.

Things like fairy lights make your Christmas much more magical. So if you want to light up your Christmas tree with alluring lights but do not know precisely how to do it, we have got you covered.

As a general rule of thumb you’ll need 100-150 lights for every foot of tree, but you can add more for a more lush look or fewer if you want a more minimalist look or are using lights with a larger bulb.

Quick Suggestion: If you don't enjoy hanging lights or do not want a real Christmas tree, then an artificial tree is an easy way to add sparkle to your home without any hassle.

Nevertheless, here are some tips for hanging fairy lights, solar-led lights, festoon lights, and any other type of lights on your tree.

Test The Lights Before You Put Them Up

Before adding lights to your tree, you should check each light strand to ensure it is working fine. Nothing is worse than finding the fused strand after you have added all the lights on the tree.

You should start testing the lights by plugging each strand into the power socket, then leave it plugged in for a couple of minutes. Further, you should check that all the bulbs are secure or not by shaking each strand gently.

Leave the lights on whilst you are adding them to the tree so you can see how they are spaced and spot any dark spots.

Wrapping Lights Round And Round

This is the best and the easiest way to string the lights on your Christmas tree. The Christmas tree looks best when wrapped like this. So if you want to add fairy lights to your tree by this method, you should follow these steps:

1. Start wrapping from the top or bottom of the tree.

2. When going around the tree with fairy light strands, weave them over and under the branches.

3. Push some lights further into the branches of your tree to give it some depth.

4. Use decoration hooks or florist wire to position lights exactly where you want them and to fill dark spots.

5. When you reach the end of the strand, plug in another strand and continue adding more fairy lights in the same manner, tucking the plug deep into the branches of the tree.


String Lights Vertically

Another way to hang lights around your Christmas tree is to hang them vertically.

Start with the end of the lights at the top and let the string hang freely then weave it around the branches in an “S” shape. When you get to the bottom, start working your way back up the tree, again weaving them around the branches.

Lights you can control from your phone

If you're the tech-savvy type who likes to control everything with an app, you’ll love our Twinkly lights.

Twinkly combines bright, colorful addressable LEDs, a Wi-Fi + Bluetooth controller and a state-of-the-art smartphone application, ready to perform amazing animations easily and quickly.

Twinkly offers a wide variety of stunning effects, ready to be played and customized, and full access to the FX gallery, where new animations are always available for download.

Arrange Lights On The Christmas Tree Trunk

To make your Christmas tree sparkle from the inside, arrange the fairy lights around the trunk and in the middle of your Christmas tree. For a festive glow, you can also add a solar-led light and festoon lights.

Final Thoughts

When you are done arranging lights around the tree, step away from the tree, turn down the room lights, and identify any dark patches left. Then add some more fairy lights to fill in any gaps.

So if you have learned all these tips and want to make your Christmas tree look beautiful with several types of lights, check out Real Christmas Trees. We deal in top-notch lights that you can use to make your Christmas tree shine. 

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